HIRO is a family run restaurant located in the beautiful neighbourhood of St. John's Wood, North West London.  Since its opening in 2005, it has been serving the very best of Cantonese cuisine all cooked by Ricky Yung, the head chef and owner with over 20 years of professional cooking experience.  

Please see “Contact Us” for takeaway and home delivery information


Customers are advised to let our staff know if any food may cause allergic reaction prior to order.

You can also download chef cards from the Food Standards Agency website (follow link below) and help make sure restaurant staff know about your food allergies.


Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination when processing a specific allergen free order. We do however work in a kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and do not have a specific allergen free zone.

Wheat and gluten ingredients which are deep fried will use the same fryers in our kitchens as dishes not containing these ingredients - there may be risk of cross contamination which may therefore affect extremely sensitive sufferers. To reduce the risk of contamination from allergens during preparation there are controlled procedures in the kitchen.

If you would like to know the list of ingredients used in a particular dish from our menu. Our Manager will be happy to assist you.